The Bant Singh Project Remixes

Dr. Das - Into the Fire Remix

Dr Das's massive remix stars a filthy, swerving bass line. Relentless Indian percussion, reverberated drum hits, and synth-ska stabs circle around the voices of Bant Singh and Delhi Sultanate in a dub-noise tornado.

Subatomic Sound System - Modern Days Remix

Slowed down vocals of "Modern Dayz : Slavery" collide with the beat from "Comrades" over a bed of tribal percussion. The result is raw, gritty, and potent. Subatomic Sound System takes us for a ride through his electronic dub laboratory with analog filters, distortions, and delay effects.

Dubblestandart - Into the Fire Remix

Vienna’s Dubblestandart lay down soulful sub bass and breakbeats for Bant Singh’s son Jagmeet to spit the chorus on. Synthetic Indian melodies interweave with evolving atmospheric textures to create a suspenseful and uplifting tone.

Nucleya - Modern Days Remix

New Delhi bass champion Nucleya delivers a slickly produced Mumbahton banger. Bant Singh's voice is harmonized, used as a lead, and transformed into an air horn above window rattling bass and a hard hitting dancefloor drums.