Blood Earth Project

Word Sound Power's second project, Blood Earth, commenced in August 2011 in the Khonda tribal village of Kucheipadar in South Orissa. In the mid-1990s, large deposits of Bauxite, the mineral from which aluminum is made, were discovered in the area. Soon after, the district became a conflict zone where a vibrant people's movement blossomed with songs serving as a uniting force. With a mobile music studio, Word Sound Power joined local singers and musicians in Kucheipadar for a new type of collaboration.

The result is a cross genre mash up, combining revolutionary songs in Oriya and Kui tribal lan-guage with dub poetry by Delhi Sultanate and electronic music composed by Chris McGuinness. The exhibition is comprised of original music, soundscapes and video loops, as well as a film by Kush Badhwar which documents the collaborations. Blood Earth explores the relationship between music, struggle, and cultural responses to violence via word and sound.


  • Chris McGuinness
    music production & sound design
  • Delhi Sultanate
    lyrics, research, & logistics
  • Kush Badhwar
    direction, camera, editing
  • Minati Dash
    translation, research advice
  • Manasi Dash
  • Rabi Shankar Pradhan
  • Arna Pradhan


Many thanks to Kucheipadar community. Surya Shankar Dash for contacts and initial advice during the early stage of the project. Rabi Shankar Dash for introducing us and taking us into the village. Ramma bhai for kind guidance. Amma for feeding us. Minati Dash for extensive research advice and information. Farah Batool and Malvika Venugopal for curating the Blood Earth exhibition.